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Pub Lunch


The lunches provide an informal atmosphere to meet VMNC Members and discuss a variety of topics.

We have over 40 Pub Lunch attendees who share arranging lunches, and on average 12-20 members attend each month.

New Pub goers are welcome!



Ron Mansfield

Paul Chow-Leong (Back Up)

During December, a table containing the Pub Lunch dates for the next year is sent out requesting Members to volunteer as lunch arrangers, so that a work sheet can be set-up. The pub is chosen by the arranger who is provided with a comprehensive guideline package, including a list of places the group has visited over the years.


Aug 17, 2017: Gorge Pointe Inn, Esquimalt.

Jul 20, 2017: Stonehouse Pub, North Saanich.

Jun 15, 2017: Maude Hunter Pub, Victoria.


Various Pubs around Greater Victoria.

Comprehensive details of the next Pub Lunch are sent out as "blind copies" to the groups email list, usually around the end of each month.


Third Thursday of each month, year round, except December.

Normally start 11:30AM with wrap up around 2:00PM.


Open to all VMNC Members and guests who may be interested in joining the club.

If joining please contact Activity Coordinator who can provide additional information, and if desired can add you to the group's email list.


$$ for normally individual checks.

Note: Pub may charge surcharge or fixed large group tip.

More Info

See our Calendar and watch for announcements in News and via emailed Newsletters.