2017 VMNC AGM Report

Direction Shift Highlights VMNC Efforts in 2017- AGM

There was a solid turnout for the 2017 AGM held at Cedar Hill Golf Club on Thursday, Sept. 14. VMNC President Roger Love reviewed executive initiatives over the past 12 months, including the new online payment system and several suggested additions to the list of executive-level roles for the club. 

Roger noted that a declining membership trend over previous years was reversed in 2016-17, but he emphasized that maintaining this level requires finding at least 30 new members each year. He said expanding the club’s target audience to include not just the retired but those still working and approaching retirement has to take place. In fact, many of the club’s new member recruitment efforts over the past year have reflected this shift in focus. This includes the popular one-day events, tours and demonstrations, many of which are open to spouses and non-members. Special Events Coordinator Glenn Soares was roundly applauded by the members present for his stellar work on this file.

In another effort to expand the recruitment and retention of new members over the coming year, the list of Executive members has been expanded to include the Webmaster (John Pierce), New Member Liaison (Ken Brown),and Special Events Coordinator Glenn Soares.

In related changes, Wally Lazaruk assumed the role of Vice President, Derry McDonell the position of Director Communications and Peter Boland is now News Editor, chiefly responsible for the club newsletter. Lastly, at the suggestion of incumbent Walter Burgess, the position of Membership Director has been dropped, as these duties have largely been assumed by other executive roles.

A motion calling for the club to donate $1,000 from the its operating surplus to two charities nominated and approved by the members was deferred for further consideration by the executive, as changes to the club’s stated purpose and constitution may be required.

Members will shortly be asked if they would like to participate as a speaker at a club luncheon. We have many club members whose knowledge and expertise derived from their career experience would be welcomed by others. Think about it and if you’re interested, watch for the survey in the next club newsletter.