Activity Name

Social/Progressive Bridge

From beginners to experienced players.


Beginners are welcome but some knowledge of the game is required. We, in general follow the ACBNL contract bridge rules. The emphasis is on fellowship and fun, not competition. Currently there are four groups.

Each group consists of 8 players who meet on a regular schedule. Each group maintains a list of spares who are called upon to fill in when a regular player is planning to be away. Occasionally a regular player may leave the group permanently. Their replacement is selected from those who are on the specific group spares list.

Anyone interested in playing in a social context may wish to contact each of the Coordinators to make their interest known and determine which group or groups spares list they would like to be placed on.


Coordinators (4)

Dave Nicholds (Group A: Biweekly Monday Night

[email protected], Mobile: 250-516-9403‬


Lorne Bailey (Group B: Monday Nights)

EmailPhone: 250-595-3355


Bob MacDonald (Group C: Thursday Nights)

Email, Phone: 250-595-4894


Keith Beange (Group D: Tuesday Nights)

[email protected], Mobile 514-865-2299‬


Email invite/notices sent to participants.


Players host at their homes on a rota basis.


Regular basis September through June except Group D which plays through the summer.


Open to all VMNC Members however all four Groups are full, . Thus VMNC Members wishing to join should contact Group D to become a Regular Player and Groups A, B, C as a Spare.


Normally a $1 ante per player is contributed each evening. It is divided amongst the top two and the lowest player of the evening. The host supplies the cards, beverages and snacks.

More Info

See our Calendar and watch for announcements in News and via emailed Newsletters.