LIFESTYLE: Adult Growth Model

In each decade of life, you can adopt a growth model, envisioning yourself maturing into fullness, always adding value to your life. Each decade has its positive characteristics which can be nurtured. 

For example, you can maximize your 50s by:

  • Developing more inner-driven behaviors
  • Focusing on the here and now
  • Broadening and deepening your expressions of intimacy and caring
  • Taking on new leadership roles
  • Developing deeper dimensions of personal meaning from travel and leisure
  • Creating a simple and more fulfilling time schedule
  • Enriching your spiritual sensitivity to the world around them
  • Enjoying living one day at a time

You can maximize your 60s by:

  • Visioning and dreaming again
  • Reducing external necessities to a minimum
  • Deepening intimacy through friendships
  • Cultivating hobbies and travel
  • Deepening your personal spirituality
  • Engaging in any part of life that keeps adding meaning to your future. You can mentor and share your acquired competence as a professional and as a human being with others. 

You can maximize your 70s by:

  • Rearranging your priorities and taking advantage of opportunities to connect to the world
  • Continuing leadership roles in your community
  • Living your hopes and expectations, on a daily basis
  • Reminding yourself that your life is worthy, purposive, and important and that there is always something of value you can be thinking or doing every day
  • Transcending ordinary problems with humor, perspective, and trust 
  • Being grateful
  • Endorsing younger people
  • Sustaining healthy social networks for support and expression.

Reference: Lifelaunch: A Passionate Guide to the Rest of Your Life(5thedition) Paperback – Revised 2011; by Pamela D. McLean and Frederic M. Hudson

Prepared by Wally Lazaruk, June 2019