ANNOUNCEMENT: New Wine Making Activity Group

Looking For Members To Create New VMNC Wine Making Group

I am looking for members who are interested in making wine at a U-Brew wine store. I currently work part time at the Wine Kitz Admirals Walk store. I am negotiating with the owner to obtain a discount on making the wine in-store. Each wine kit makes approximately 31 –  750 ml bottles. The current price without discount is approx.. $7.50/bottle.

The concept is to get 5 plus members to make high end wine at Wine Kitz. Everything concerning making wine will be done at the store. The VMNC Club members will at a pre-determined location and exchange bottles. This way each club member will receive 5 or 6 bottles of different wine to drink. This way you do not have to drink 31 bottles of the same wine (i.e., Merlot, Amarone, etc.).

Based on your preference of wine, i.e. red or white, we can have a group for red wine & a group for white wine or a mixture of both. Once the Activity Group has started, the members will determine the frequency to make wine, eg. One batch a month or every two months.

If interested, please email me, Peter Czypyha.