ANNOUNCEMENT: New Wine Making Group

Hi to all the WINE LOVING members of the Victoria Region Men’s & Newcomers Club of Victoria.

I would like to set forth a proposal to all of you who enjoy drinking wine. I would like to set up a Wine Making Group for the purpose of making wine at a U-Brew wine store.

First, I would like to point out the downside of making a batch of wine (23 litres or 30 – 750 ml bottles of wine). If you make a Merlot or Pinot Grigio and it tastes OK, but you maybe would not make another batch, but now you have a lot of wine left to drink that you are not totally happy with. The up side would be that you like the wine, and then there is no problem.

The wine group would allow you to make a batch of wine and share it with the group members. If we get 5 or 6 members and each person makes a batch of different wine, the members would meet at a designated location and trade wines. Each member would receive 5 or 6 bottles (depending on the number of members) of different kind of wines to sample and build up an inventory. Since there are Red and White wines, we could form two groups that would make just Red and just White wines or both types.

Besides the Red and White wines, there are Mist Style (very sweet), Dessert Wine Styles and Ice Style Wines. The combinations can vary depending on the members.

You must remember to age your wine to let it mature. The optimal aging time depends on the type of wine and the style. This can be discussed at a later date.

Several VMNC Members have already given verbal responses that they would be interested. Please let me know if you are interested so we can start this new VMNC Activity Group.


Peter Czypyha – email,  Phone 250-516-6192