Executive Committee

Newsletter Editors Comments

I am composing this newsletter in absentia from the warm and sunny shores of Lake Windermere in the East Kootenays. Derry McDonnell is going to compose and edit the July - August and September - October 2017 issues.

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New Membership Renewal Procedure

Now that the new VMNC website is fully operational, we are adding PayPal to its features and are changing the method of annual dues payment to a fully on-line process.  This will integrate the liability waiver acceptance by members and the dues payment process.  At present, we are not using PayPal for anything but the annual dues, but may include lunches and other events at a later date.

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President’s Letter

Summer is gradually arriving and, with it, several of our activities cease for a few months.  In September, we shall gear up again for a full schedule.  Of note will be the Christmas lunch and Chinese New Year dinner – which we hope new members will wish to attend; details in the Fall. Glenn Soares is looking to continue the array of one-off events that he has successfully organized this past season.

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