Did You Know . . .

In todays Did You Know column we have several items   . . .

UVic Theatre

Has great shows that come up regularly, for example the annual International Guitar Night always sells out quickly, early bird pricing on four tickets, bring some friends!

VMNC Promotion

One Page Flyer: Ever wondered how to help promote our club for new, members? VMNC has a single page easily downloadable flyer located at Home > VMNC One Page Flyer. Just click on the link, print and hand out!

Free Luncheon: New Members get a one free Luncheon and a monthly Cedar Hill or University Club Luncheon! Why? Two reason’s, one to entice new Members to join, and second to offset impact of Member’s joining just before end of membership year (as no half price Membership fee).

Useful Links

Our website now has a listing of Useful Web Links to things like Women’s Newcomers Clubs and Continued Education.