EXEC: Newcomers Clubs in Canada and Victoria

At present, the National Newcomers Association of Canada (NNAC), of which VMNC is a member, consists of sixty-three clubs from Victoria to Nova Scotia.

We are one of the larger clubs although our rather workable formula for membership will need high octane to catch the 549 members in the Kelowna Newcomers Club and its companion 416 member Alumni Club. (Just what do they put in the drinking water in Kelowna?)  

Next in line is Niagara-on-the-Lake with 332, presumably followed by VMNC with our current 303 members.

Would you believe that we are the only male club of the sixty-three NNAC member clubs. True distinction!

During a recent conference call of club presidents from each province, I learned that the first Canadian newcomers club was an “in house” group. So many employees (yes, mostly male) of the Bank of Montreal were transferred to Calgary in the very late 50’s that a resident BoM wife formed a club to welcome newbies in 1961. The concept flourished and presumably non BoM wives were eventually wecomed, followed by clubs in other cities. Our VMNC came together in 1980.

While most of the 63 clubs are female only (53), there are several co-ed clubs (9), and of course, one very VIP male only group.

For those of us who think our wives joined the women’s newcomers club in Victoria, there are six such clubs in the Victoria area, along with two alumni groups (the Swans and the Novas).

On that note, two clubs, one in Truro and one in Burlington, recently amalgamated their alumni club with their newcomer group. 

Other NNAC Stats….

  • Of the 63 clubs, 14 are incorporated, 47 are not. Two unknown .
  • 56 of us have insurance; six are uninsured. One unknown
  • 15 of us have Directors & Officers Insurance while 39 do not. Two unknown Word of advice from our Cooperators Insurance Broker in Toronto:
    • never risk your fortune by becoming an officer in a group without D & O coverage.
  • 45 of us use waivers for activities, 16 do not. Two unknown.

Submitted by Ken Brown, President