EXEC: VMNC is Welcoming to Members with Disabilities

VMNC has been serving Victoria Region for many years, and as members we all appreciate the events and activities made available by coordinators and event organizers.

The VMNC has always been open to all members and this year the Executive Committee would like to ensure that our programs and services are equally available to everyone including those living with disabilities.

We are a non-governmental organization and are not required to make events and services available to new and existing members with disabilities. Our inclusionary and accessibility goal is one of “mission obligation.” Our aim has always been to help men in the Victoria Region integrate into the community by providing opportunities to meet with others with common interests and experiences by participating in a variety of social and recreational activities” And now we extend this offer to include members who live their lives with a disability.

This does not mean that we are obliged to meet all special needs. It does mean that when members request special access support to participate in our organization that we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate event and activity accessibility. This might mean supporting special seating needs, special dietary considerations, and assistance with assistive devices. It also implies that whenever reasonably possible we would schedule events that are accessible to members with disabilities.

How will we support individuals with access needs?

Each request will be personal and individual. When a member or new members requests some special accommodation, they are encouraged to contact the disability Access Coordinator and together they will work with event organizers and members to do as much as is reasonably possible to meet that accommodation.

For the VMNC membership at large, there are no changes. We are respectful and welcoming of everyone. We also hope members will reach out and share membership opportunities.

For Activity Coordinators, their support will be working with the member needing assistance and the Access Coordinator to “make it happen.” 

The Access Coordinator contact information is listed on the VMNC Web site.

August 19, 2019

Special Thanks to members Bob Vance, Eric Andresen and Gary Byrne for leading this project.