EXECUTIVE: A Welcome Message from the New VMNC President

A Welcome Message from the New VMNC President

If the best speech is a short one, it should follow that the best welcome message follows suit.

With this in mind, I again wish to thank our VMNC past-president Roger Love for the countless hours he has given to our club and for his constant hand on the tiller. Roger never rests on his laurels and will continue to arrange monthly second Thursday Cedar Hill Luncheons.

I’m truly honoured that at last week’s AGM the membership chose me to follow Roger as President. In that capacity, I’d now like to introduce our 2019 Board of Directors: our new Vice President, master yachtsman Keith Beange, continuing Treasurer Roger Swift and new Board member, and Secretary Behram Dadachanji. Our Membership Director is once again Glenn Soares, who will continue to arrange Field Trips and assist our new Field Trips Lead, Marcel Mercier, in arranging more of those over the top tours like the ones we’ve enjoyed so far this year. Members-at-Large Bob Vance and Gary Byrne agreed to assist for another year with special VMNC projects.

Looking forward, this Executive will continue to uphold our mission as a club – promotion of Fellowship in the Victoria region. We will reach even more newcomers to our city as well as men who want to share in our many social activities. Our current membership campaign, Be a Friend – Bring a Friend, launched October 11 at the AGM, is up and running. I would like to ask each of you to offer a friend what you now enjoy – the fellowship of others at our Club’s activities. We all have the friends; we just haven’t invited them yet. Let’s do that now.

Our website has been rescued from oblivion by master fisherman & VMNC Webmaster John Pierce. Since joining us in 2017, John has single-handedly redesigned and rejuvenated VMNC.ca. The site is always a work in progress, so stay tuned for new features that we hope will provide a reason to visit it regularly!

In closing, I hope your read was a short one (it certainly was in comparison to my first draft). I also hope that you will support VMNC activities, share with others the benefit of VMNC and call / write / bend the collective ear of the VMNCers above with any suggestion for an even better Men’s & Newcomers Club!

Best wishes,

Ken Brown