GUIDE: Website

This short guide is to help New Joiners understand VMNC’s website.

NEWSLETTERS: Don’t forget to signup for them via our homepage right side widget! You can read past ones at website > News > Published Newsletters. Please email with items to be added.

WEBSITE: Located at, lots of great info on our Activities, Calendar, etc. You only need to be logged in to access the Members Area for our Contact Book, Exec Meeting Minutes etc.

WEBSITE LOGIN: When you signed up you would have created your User ID and Password. You login via the website > Log In! with your User ID or your email and your Password. If you’ve forgotten your Password there is a Password reset feature, also accessible when hover mouse over Log In!. If resetting, the software recommends a ~30 character jibberish password, I recommend you overwrite that with a user-friendly Password.

COMMUNICATIONS: Most Activity Coordinators use a simple email distribution list to their attendees. Our big events such as Monthly Lunches, Field Trips, and Special Events send out Newsletter announcements to the whole 300+ club. So make sure you signed up!

TICKETS: For some paid events such as Field Trips and Special Events, we use our website > Calendar software to buy paid tickets. Yes our Payment Gateway is PayPal but you don’t need a PayPal account and can pay with your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

NEW ACTIVITIES: VMNC is always in change, several new activities were added last year and we are always looking to add new ones. Send your idea to our, where the membership will be canvased to see if there is sufficient demand.

MEMBERSHIP DUES: Our fiscal year ends June 30th so your next year dues are payable starting July 1st , Log In! to our website then go to Members Area > Payments for options.

REACH ME: I’m John Pierce, iPhone 250-217-9447, email, joined in 2017 after repatriating from Qatar, please contact me for website improvement ideas. Our Deputy Webmaster is Bruce Thomson, iPhone 778-678-7215,