Hiking Review: June 13th Matheson Lake to Roche Cove

On June 13th 2017 the Men’s Hiking Group took on the Matheson Lake to Roche Cove hike. This is a 3-hour hike with a wide variety of scenery, varied terrain and within 45 minutes of downtown Victoria.

Matheson Lake, located in Metchosin, is a small lake made interesting by a small island, Gillespie Island, in the middle of the lake. Roche Cover is an ocean cove that extends from the Sooke Basin.

The 9 km. hike begins on the trail that follows the lake edge. Leaving the lake trail you ascend some 200 metres for a spectacular view of the lake and Gillespie Island from above. Following the Cedar Grove trail you make your way to Roche Cove through gorgeous waist high ferns and moss-laden trees. Roche Cove is the far end of the hike and you return via Matheson Creek which comes complete with waterfalls and quiet pools. Ultimately you return to the Matheson Lake trail, completing the full loop of the lake and ending up back at the parking lot.

What a joy to find this remote trail and to experience the adventure and camaraderie that go with the Newcomers’ hiking group.

Submitted by Don Fedora, group photo by Ken Robson.