Victoria Region Men’s and Newcomers Club

Policies and Procedures

Revised Aug 16, 2019

1. Members’ Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct consists of principles adopted by the Club Executive for the performance and discharge of the Officers’ and Coordinators’ responsibilities with respect to the governance and management of the Club.

Integrity: Respecting our fellow Member’s interests, honouring our commitments and promising only what we can deliver.

Honesty: Communicating with Members and fellow executives and coordinators in a non-deceptive or misleading way.

Practices: Treating Members and fellow executives and coordinators in the same manner that we expect to be treated.

Responsibility: Living up to the commitments and responsibilities.

Competence: Giving quality resources, time, energy and experience in the delivery of commitment, responsibility and participation.

2. Responsibilities of Officers

Each Officer is responsible for the effective governance of the Club for performing his assigned duties, for attending Club Executive meetings; Annual General Meetings and Special General Meetings; for being familiar with and enforcing the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures; for supporting and implementing decisions approved by the Club Executive; for taking initiatives to ensure the Club’s Objective is met; to follow the strategic plan approved by the Executive; and to exercise prudence and diligence at all times.

3. Finance

3.1 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Club shall be July 1st to June 30th.

3.2 Membership Fees

Each Member shall pay to the Club a non-refundable annual membership fee that shall be set by the Club Executive to cover the cost of liability insurance, newsletter production, Members’ badges, communications costs, subsidies for events, website maintenance, gift cards, and incidental administrative expenses.

Annual Fees are due prior to the AGM.

3.3 Activities, Events and Luncheons

The costs of running activities, events, and luncheons are expected to be paid for by participating Members. However, the Club Executive may provide Club funds in support where appropriate.

3.4 Club Funds

The Club’s funds shall be deposited into interest bearing bank accounts.

Signing authority for bank transactions shall be any one of the President, Treasurer and Secretary, unless otherwise approved by the Executive.

In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all surplus funds shall be disbursed equitably for the benefit of the remaining Members.

4. Membership

4.1 Initiation

Initial membership is obtained by submitting to the Membership Executive a completed club website application including a prescribed liability waiver.

4.2 Termination

Membership may be terminated by the Member so informing any Officer.

The Club Executive may terminate a Member’s membership for gross failure to comply with Club Bylaws or Policies and Procedures and only after reasonable notice of non-compliance has been given.

5. Club Executive Meetings

5.1 Meetings

A quorum for an Executive Meeting is five Officers.

The Club Executive shall meet at least four times per year as determined by the President.

The President may call additional meetings as required.

Any Officer may call a Club Executive meeting by giving the other Officers at least one week’s notice of the meeting and specifying the reason for the meeting. Such meeting should only deal with emergency situations.

5.2 Resolutions

Resolutions require the consent of a majority of the Officers present in person at the meeting.

If there is a tie vote, the meeting Chairman may break the tie by casting a deciding vote.

The results of all votes must be recorded in the minutes.

5.3 Minutes

Minutes of Club Executive Meetings will be posted on the web site.

5.4 Delegation of Officer’s powers and duties

The Club Executive may delegate some or all of an Officer’s powers and duties to one or more Members, and may revoke the delegation.

5.5 Officers’ Indemnification

An Officer who acts honestly and in good faith shall not be personally liable because of anything done or omitted in the exercise or intended exercise of any power or the performance or intended performance of any duty of the Club.

Provided the Officer has acted honestly and in good faith, the Club shall indemnify him for his legal costs in responding to a claim of wrongdoing on a solicitor and client basis.

6. Club Executive Positions


An Executive must:

  1. Be a member of VMNC in good standing
  2. Have the approval and support of membership to assume the directorship
  3. Have a record of attendance at club events and activities
  4. Have a record of involvement with the club
  5. Have demonstrated dedication to the growth of VMNC
  6. Possess good organizational skills and prior board experience
  7. Be willing to accept the responsibilities of leadership

6. Executive Positions:

6.1. President:

  • Leads the Club’s strategic and long term planning process
  • Is conversant with the principal aspects of the Club and the roles and responsibilities of its Officers
  • Leads and oversees goal setting initiatives
  • Delegates assignments and administrative duties and oversees all areas of responsibility
  • Oversees agenda setting and distribution
  • Chairs all Club Executive and Members’ General Meetings
  • Reviews minutes of Club Executive meetings for accuracy before seeking approval by Club Executive
  • Develops Officers’ succession plans
  • Is the spokesperson for the Club and promotes the Club as appropriate
  • Is an ex-officio member of all committees
  • Gathers members shareable talents
  • Organizes management processes to support volunteers
  • Arranges for coordinators for subsidized club events, such as the Christmas and Chinese New Year Dinners
  • Sends a welcome letter to new members, copied to the New Member Liaison.

6.2. Vice President:

  • Is expected to assume the President’s role at the next AGM.
  • Assumes all duties and powers of the President when required
  • Is conversant with the principal aspects of the Club and the roles and responsibilities of its Officers
  • Assists in the operation and administrative matters of the Club as required
  • Identifies Club with the Community.

6.3 Secretary:

  • Is the official record keeper of the Club
  • Works with the President to prepare the agenda
  • Distributes to the Members before all meetings the package of material needed for the meeting including the agenda.
  • Sends out the call for all meetings with sufficient time for information to be received and reviewed by participating members.
  • In the absence of the President and Vice President, calls all meetings to order and immediately conducts the election for the chairman pro tem.
  • During meetings has access to the minutes book, all governing documents of the Club and a current list of members
  • Keeps notes of what occurred at meetings
  • Acts as a resource to the President.
  • If any governing documents were amended, makes changes to the documents and distributes new copies to the appropriate parties
  • Prepares minutes of meetings including the AGM, Special General Meetings and the Club Executive meetings for review by the President and approval by the appropriate meeting.
  • Distributes minutes to the members
  • Gives each committee any information that has been referred to them
  • Notifies Officers and committee members of their election or appointment

6.4 Treasurer:

  • Is the custodian of the funds of the Club
  • Maintains financial records;
  • Develops and presents fiscal recommendations to the Club Executive;
  • Manages the Club banking process including monthly bank balancing;
  • Audits invoices and ensure timely payment and recording;
  • Prepares for the Club Executive monthly financial reports, with projections and analyses as appropriate.
  • Oversees the preparation of the annual budget for Club Executive approval
  • Prepares year-end financial reports
  • Arranges appropriate insurance for the Club and its Officers

6.5 Membership Director:

  • Maintenance and updating of the Database/Membership List
  • Sends e-mail reminders to those previous members who have not yet registered urging them to register (end of August) and other times that may be appropriate.
  • Supports potential members to register on-line and their initial log-in procedures.
  • Advises New Members Liaison of names of new members for the planned follow-up activities.
  • At Executive Meetings reports on membership numbers (new and total).
  • Flags any issues related to membership.
  • Monitors the membership web mail by responding or forwarding to other executive members for response.
  • Follows up on membership issues that arise throughout the year. Focus on returning members’ needs, recruitment.
  • Assists with production of statistical or other data not specifically easily obtained through the website for the use of the Executive on request.
  • Works closely with the New Members Liaison.
  • Assists Coordinators with verification of current membership lists to cover waiver issues.
  • Orders name badges for members, when requested.

6.6 New Member Liaison

To assist new members to integrate into our social club and community:

  • Contacts new members and sends them a welcome letter which provides information about VMNC.
  • Encourages new members to participate in the “Club Contact” program where a member has volunteered to answer questions and provide information to new members about VMNC and the greater Victoria area via telephone, e-mail, or face-to-face conversation.
  • Assists with the development and implementation of a communication plan to recruit new members to VMNC and to provide quality services and activities for new members.
  • Receives and responds to inquiries from prospective members (advising prospective members to register online).
  • Organizes orientation sessions for new members.
  • Meets with new members to identify their interests and to obtain their suggestions.
  • Finds, from new member registration forms and two-way member communication, new activities that would be of interest to Members and finds a member to coordinate them
  • Advises the President of new member names, for a welcome letter.
  • Advises the News Editor of the names of the new members so they can be welcomed in the next newsletter.
  • Evaluates new member satisfaction with VMNC.

6.7 Webmaster

To ensure that VMNC’s digital requirements are met, primarily though website and email addresses and are functioning properly, available to users, and are secure:

  • WEBSITE CONTRACTS: Ensure Domain Name is maintained (fees paid) and that Host Server is maintained (contract in place, fees are paid).
  • WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: Maintain VMNC Website including e.g., WordPress & Plugin updates; static pages; and features such as Members Accounts, Newsletter, Events, & Payment Gateway software.
  • WEBSITE EFFICIENCY: Ensure the server is operating accurately and efficiently, tests speed of access and improve loading speed.
  • WEBSITE COMPATIBILITY: Ensure website works effectively on popular Internet Browsers and on a wide range of devices (e.g., Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones).
  • WEBSITE ACCESS: Regulate and manage Roles of website Members (Users).
  • WEBSITE UPGRADES: Propose or react to Executive requests to add features.
  • WEBSITE TRAINING: Provide website and VMNC email training events as required, primarily for Activity Coordinators and Exec.
  • WEBSITE PROBLEM SOLVER: Act as last level responder to Executive and Members whose Roles are higher than Subscriber (Author, Editor, Admin) for e.g., Formatting Posts, Events, Newsletters; Newsletter Subscription List; Payment issues; and User ID issues.
  • VMNC EMAILS: Manage email addresses and access for VMNC, e.g., Executive and Activity Coordinators.
  • WEBMASTER STATUS REPORT: Deliver Report to Executive every two months maximum, including Site Traffic, Security, Contracts, Emails etc.
  • WEBMASTER BACKUP: Ensure Backup person is identified, ideally for succession. Train Backup to be reasonably aware of systems and tools. cc Backup on all Webmaster correspondence.

6.8 Communications Director

  • Responsible for all modes of communication, internal and external, including the Club Newsletter, Web page, Email, Facebook Group Page, YouTube posts.
  • Works in conjunction with the VMNC Communications Team, consisting of the Webmaster, New Members Director, Special Events Director, Newsletter Editor.
  • Reports to the VMNC Executive.
  • With the Communications Team, is responsible each year for the development of a Communications Plan for approval by the Executive, with specified objectives and target dates.
  • Prepares an annual report for executive approval and included in the agenda for each AGM.

6.9 Director–at-Large

  • Represent needs and interests of the Club membership
  • Attend and participate in all Executive Committee meetings.
  • Accept and perform special duties and tasks as assigned by the Executive Committee to further strategic initiatives.
  • Provide support for ongoing initiatives of the Executive Committee, which may include, but are not limited to:
    1. a) assist with the implementation of new member suggestions
    2. b) assist with the implementation of the Club communication plan
    3. c) serve on special projects to support membership development
  • Perform other duties as based on Executive Committee needs and director’s skills and interests

6.10 News Editor

Although not a member of the Club Executive, the News Editor:

  • Coordinates the collection of material for publication on the website.
  • Works with coordinators to publicize their activities on the website.
  • Posts to the website items that would be of interest to members, seeking Executive approval where appropriate.
  • Working with the Executive, is responsible for the publication of a quarterly newsletter promoting club activities and welcoming new members,

7. Coordinators

Coordinators are critical to the Club’s success.

  • Responsible for the effective coordination of his portfolio.
  • Sets portfolio goals and objectives.
  • Documents the portfolio’s overall activities, schedules, and participants if appropriate.
  • Posts activities information on the club website.
  • Works with the Vice President and Secretary to ensure that participants are Members in good standing and obtains a waiver from guests.
  • Uses his best efforts to ensure that the activity or event does not result in a financial deficit.
  • Provides financial reports as appropriate.