New Member Campaign off to Quick Start

It’s Friday the 13th and we are two and a half days into the VMNC new member campaign now underway on our Facebook page. Good news! We’ve already reached 270 potential subscribers in the Greater Victoria region. Of those contacted, 28 or just more than 10% have gone from Facebook to our website to check us out. That’s a very good response rate and demonstrates the power of marketing on social media platforms. The campaign continues until December 31st and the total audience number we have targeted to reach with our invitation is 25,000. If the 10% response rate holds up, that would translate into 2,500 men visiting our website. That’s 2,500 opportunities to sign up and welcome new members to VMNC.

Bottom line though, we need to convince a few dozen of these visitors to the website into joining us if we’re to reach our goal of at least 35 new members by December 31.

And you can help. How? By taking a few moments right now to write a few lines about your history with the club: Where you came from (even if it was Victoria. Remember, we don’t limit membership to new residents). How you found out about VMNC, what convinced you to join and when. Then add a couple of lines describing what you’ve gotten out of being a VMNC member, including what activities you have participated in.

Do it as an email or attach it to an email and send it to me at: 

As the campaign continues, I will post your contributions to the website , along with other information to demonstrate why the VMNC has been so successful for more than 35 years. Let’s do it together!