REVIEW: Field Trip, 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron Facility

On Thursday September 27, 2018, about 50 members of the VMNC group had the distinct pleasure of touring the 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron facility at 9755 Willingdon Rd. Because of the popularity of the event, the tour was split into two groups, with lunch at the Spitfire Grill nearby.

The tour was very skillfully guided by 2Lt Richard Abbott as he explained the history of the Squadron and the changes it had experienced over the years of its existence. We were then given a tour of the facility and were treated to a close up view of the soon to be retired Sea King Helicopter, as well as the new replacement Cyclone. One of the groups had a bonus tour of the Machine Shop.

The tour was very well received by all and was greatly appreciated. A special Thank You to Glenn Soares for his initiative in organizing the tour.

Submitted by Milford Sorensen