REVIEW: Second Annual Social Bridge Tournament

The second VMNC Annual Social Bridge Tournament was held on Monday June 25, 2018 at Foxborough Hills Condominium’s Recreation Centre in Broadmead, with 32 VMNC Members from our four Social Bridge Groups playing 8 tables.

THE EVENING: Guests arrived at 4:30 with VMNC name tag on, and the event started with a social and snacks. This was followed by a great Pizza dinner from Oregano’s, then announcements of awards which were all displayed on the fireplace mantle, thus the pressure was on. Bridge starting at 6:30PM where after each game members moved to play with a different partner, followed by awards and cleanup.


  1. Special thanks to VMNC Exec for approving request for funding of $200, which was used for the Awards.
  2. Extra special thank you to VMNC Ron Semkow and Paul Retallack for supplying the beautiful and perfectly sized venue.
  3. Also thank you to Oregano’s Pizza who donated two gift coupons.
  4. Lastly special thanks to the Organizers Ken Robson, Tony Dambrauskas, Tony Hines, and John Pierce.

THE AWARDS: Congratulations to first/highest score Arnie Walters and to second Roy Cullen, well earned. For Slam awards, while several VMNC Member pairs won 12 of 13 tricks, unfortunately none bid a Slam, thus rather than returning the Awards to the VMNC Executive, names were drawn randomly from a hat.