VMNC Activity Coordinators

As any of our 16 or so current Activity Coordinators will testify, there is no lineup behind them of eager members just waiting for an Coordinator position to become vacant. VMNC Activity Coordinators are an unusually dedicated lot who deserve our appreciation at every turn.

It is therefore refreshing when members, new members at that, volunteer as organizers for activities they wish to see offered by the Club in the near future.

New Member Stephen Harymann has offered to be the contact person for a Dart Group. Darts is a game with a reputation for requiring a certain degree of skill, but anyone can have an enjoyable go at it. Are there other Stephens in our midst? If so, please contact him at the phone number or email below.

Is it unusual to have a brand new member volunteer as an activity organizer? Apparently not. No sooner did Stephen make his offer than John Waterhouse raised the subject of a Cycling Group. I have heard from several members who recall that a Cycling Group existed in our recent past and hope that sufficient interest exists to get interested two wheelers back on the road. John’s contact particulars are also below.

Regardless of what develops a hearty thank you to Stephen & John! VMNC could not function without selfless offers such as this and of the numerous other VMNC Activity Coordinators.

Stephen Harymann, phone 250-885-9176 or Email Me.

John Waterhouse, phone 778-265-1806 or Email Me.

by Ken Brown, Email Me!