VMNC’s Newcomers for November, 2017

We welcomed almost a dozen new members to our ranks recently!

BRUNO COCOROCCHIO                     GEOFF DENNIS                      BRUCE GRAHAM                STEPHEN HARYMANN                      EDGAR HULATT                        HEINER KNOPP                             ANGUS MITCHELL               TODD NEMISZ                  NEIL SKINNER                    KEN TAYLOR                   JOHN WYSHAM

Most of these folks attended either our October 26th University Club Monthly Luncheon or the more recent November 9th Cedar Hill Golf Course Monthly Luncheon Activity where we were able to officially recognize their arrival and their simultaneous boosting of our total membership to the 215 plus mark.

One of the best aspects of meeting each new VMNCer is learning how each member chose Victoria as his destination as well as the sometimes circuitous journey he took from his former home town to Victoria. Now to ensure that our newcomers take full advantage of the Club’s fifteen activity groups!

Please make our New Members feel welcome!

by Ken Brown ~ New Member Liaison, Email Me!