We’re Looking For New Members In Greater Victoria

VMNC set to launch new member drive

With summer gone and fall activities underway in earnest, the Victoria Region Men’s & Newcomer Club is gearing up for a new member campaign. Between now and Christmas, we’re going to be reaching out to men across the Capitol Region District with an open invitation to join us and participate in the thriving activities, lunches and special events itinerary offered by the VMNC.

The campaign will utilize every channel available to us, including advertising in local media, flyer distribution to selected individuals and groups, cross-promotion with organizations that promote Victoria living and a 90-day Facebook media campaign aimed at a selected demographic of Facebook users here in Greater Victoria.

In addition, current VMNC members will be provided with brand new business cards featuring the club’s name, revised logo and contact information, including the website URL. The cards can be distributed to potential new members–which will come in handy if you participate in our planned new member signup contest. More on that at a later date. In the meantime, be sure to check the club newsletter and this website for news and updates on the campaign.